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WarrockTube Kullanıcılarına Özel İmza Oluşturucu Aktif [TIKLA]
Yazar: Oğuz ÖZ - Cevaplar: 3 - Görünümler: 1304
Ticketi Çevirecek Arkadaş Varmı
google anlamlı bir sonuç çıkaramadı. İngilizcesi iyi olan bir arkadaş yardım ederse sevinirim. Bu char için gelen cevap

Please be informed, we have investigated all the De-leveled accounts and restored legit accounts back to their previous level.
If your account level has not been restored, then this indicates that the account was found to be Power Leveling, and no further action will be taken on the account at this time.
Yazar: alper79 - Cevaplar: 6 - Görünümler: 1123
Ticketi Çevirir misiniz?
Dear War Rock Player,

As we already conatcted you about this matter , we are forced to tell you that we cannot take other actions or give you more information then we already did.

The ban you received is only related to an account because you did some infraction with that account, therefore we can propose you to create a new Nexon ID and restart a new character.

If you do not accept this message as final we will see ourselves forced to add you to the Spam folder.

We are really sorry
Yazar: Endurance - Cevaplar: 1 - Görünümler: 783
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Arkadaşlar her ticket attığımda 1 hafta sonra bu oto cevap geliyor anladığım kadarıyla çok yoğunlarmışmış.
Birde siz çeviriverin.
Dear War Rock Player,
We have a very high number of Support Tickets at the moment and therefore it is possible that we cannot properly resolve your issue right now.

In the near future a lot of changes will be applied to the game and services which should resolve most of the known issues. However at the moment we do not know the exact date that this will happen.